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Barry B. LePatner, Esq. is the founder of the New York City-based law firm LePatner & Associates LLP. For three decades, he has been prominent as an advisor on business and legal issues affecting the real estate, design, and construction industries. He is head of the law firm that has grown to become widely recognized as one of the nation's leading advisors to corporate and institutional clients, real estate owners, and design professionals.

A nationally recognized speaker, Mr. LePatner has addressed audiences on topics central to trends affecting the real estate industry at recent events including: "Real Estate Outlook," an annual seminar series for corporate and real estate executives; "Protecting the Owner from Pitfalls in Today's Construction Projects," a series of Continuing Legal Education lectures given to law firms and their in-house real estate departments; "Protection, Survival, Readiness: Project Strategy in the Post 9/11 World," a seminar presented to institutional, developer and corporate real estate executives; "Secure Space," a building security seminar for corporate owners and developers; and "Marketing for Design Professionals" at the Harvard Graduate School of Design's Summer Program, with A. Eugene Kohn from1990-2004.

He has written extensively and is widely quoted in the media on the subject of construction law. Mr. LePatner has previously co-authored the legal sections of the Interior Design Handbook, McGraw Hill 2001, and Structural & Foundation Failures: A Casebook for Architects, Engineers & Lawyers, McGraw Hill, 1982 co-authored with Sidney M. Johnson, P.E.

Recently published articles include "Construction Cost Increases: Owners Should Know the Difference Between the Myths and Realities," New York Real Estate Journal, October 2006; and "Are You Prepared - Disaster Management Plans Help Owners Protect Their Investments" in the March/April 2006 of Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine. Articles published in the New York Law Journal include: "Caveat Advocatus - Drafting Construction Agreements for Your Client's New Construction Project Ain't What It Used to Be," March 27, 2006; "Insuring a Construction Project Against Water and Mold," October 25, 2004; "Building Security Measures and Owner Liability After Sept. 11;" May 1, 2003, co-authored with Henry Korn, Esq.; and "Drafting Construction Contracts for Today's Complex Projects," March 31, 1999; as well as "Construction Arbitration: Uprooting the Myths," in the Legal Times, 1986. He authored for Architecture magazine several articles including: "Riders in a Storm," and "Seeing the Light," in February and March 1999, which highlighted the shortcomings of the AIA contracts; "Limiting Your Liability," April 1996; and "From Vulnerable to Valuable," March 1998. Since 1980, he has edited and published the LePatner Report, a quarterly newsletter on business and legal issues for its design, real estate, and construction clients.

To commemorate his firm's 20th Anniversary in 2000 and 25th Anniversary in 2005, Mr. LePatner edited and published LePatner's Quotes on the Business of Life Volume I and Volume II respectively, compilations of timeless quotations and business maxims.

In May 2002, he was elected by the American Institute of Architects to receive an Honorary AIA Membership, one of the highest honors the organization can bestow upon an individual who is not an architect and which is granted to those who have devoted their careers in service to the architectural profession.

In July 2001, he was elected to the Board of Trustees of DIFFA - the Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids. He has also served on numerous advisory committees including: the Advisory Board, Society for Marketing Professional Services, 1990-93; the board of the New York Building Congress; Board of Advisors, Legal Briefs for the Construction Industry, 1981-89; American Institute of Architects Advisory Committee, 1984; and the National Academy of Sciences, 1984-85. He is a member of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York State Bar Association and American Bar Association.

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