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Construction Cost Overruns

The way our nation's construction industry operates inadvertently damages our economy. Construction cost overruns are so common and expected that most owners are helpless to do anything but reluctantly acknowledge them as business as usual. Yet cost overruns adversely affect not only corporate, institutional, developer and government agency bottom lines, but all taxpayers too.

Our "Construction Cost Overrun Headline Map" evolved from a daily Google Alert for "construction cost overruns." Since mid-June, we have added construction cost overrun headline links from across the nation. We continue to update the Map as the construction cost overrun headlines continue to roll in...stay tuned.

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Published Articles and Press Releases

Read an interview with Barry LePatner in the article, "Unreconstructed," by Zach Patton published in Governing magazine November, 2007. The article discusses the perilous state of our nation's infrastructure and whether the construction industry in its current form is up to the task of fixing it without saddling taxpayers with millions or billions in cost overruns.

Construction's Complexity: Traditional Standard Contracts Can Be a Minefield for the Unwary Practitioner. By Barry B. LePatner, Legal Times, September 24, 2007.

The Industry That Time Forgot. What's wrong with the $1 trillion construction business? By Barry B. LePatner, Esq. Boston Globe: "Ideas" magazine, August 12, 2007.


Press Releases:

Disrepair, Danger & Dollars Ill-Spent: A Look at the Shocking State of the Nation's Infrastructure´┐Żand How It Got That Way. With the release of the NTSB's report on the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis come new revelations about how out of control infrastructure problems have gotten in the US. Construction attorney Barry B. LePatner provides a reality check for us all.

Bridging the Gaps: Six Solutions for Repairing the Nation's Crumbling Infrastructure. The National Transportation Safety Board's recent report on the Minneapolis I-35 bridge collapse provided a glimpse into just how dire the situation is with our nation's infrastructure. The report only added to concerns that inspections are infrequent and insufficient, transportation funding is inadequate and improperly used, and the nation lacks the proper number of experts to fully examine the situation.



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